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Interior Designer Joanne Ma

Joanne Ma, Designer + Creative Director


With a passion for design and a background in child behaviour and development, Joanne has taken her many years of clinical experience and created a design company that focuses on nourishing one's emotional and mental well-being. Her belief that the environment shapes one's behaviour is the foundation of any design plan. Functional and mindful design is her mantra. She believes in working with the family to create an individualized space that will help tell the story of them and house a collection of things they love. She believes a space that allows for more play and communication between parent and child will only strengthen that dyad. Therefore, Joanne believes if there's one thing we could do to change the world, it would be to promote positive social interactions within our own home and with our children. And that is where her work begins.

Along with the design + photography services, Joanne has created a platform for mothers around the world to share their true authentic journey in motherhood, their stories, their home. The goal for the Mama Diary Series is to connect the common thread of motherhood and to break down the walls of judgement so that we can all feel supported in whatever path we choose, whatever path we're enduring, and whatever path leads us to raise our children to be the best version of ourselves. If you haven't followed along yet, we hope you'll read these entries from some incredible moms in hopes that it will inspire and uplift you. Some noodle soup for the mama soul.

Lastly, Modern Fort could not have been where it is today if it wasn't for the people Joanne has met in the recent past who have changed her view on life and has helped redefine who she is today. Starting out as a modern kids apparel company and now into a full on interior design + photography company, she has many people to thank to help her get here. Most of these are other small business owners whom she has had the privilege to work closely with. Therefore, keeping Modern Fort as a social venture, Joanne has committed to giving back to the community in various ways. Most importantly, Modern Fort will continue to work alongside other small businesses to create real positive change in the lives of families in our communities. Find out more on our initiatives and causes in theĀ About Community section.


(Photo cred Kyrani Kanavaros)