Community Cause: Standing Up to Domestic Violence and Abuse


Hello October. We’re excited for you. We’re excited to be joining forces with TWO incredible businesses and raising funds and awareness for a couple of amazing organizations. This month we’ll be standing up to Domestic Violence and Abuse. Why? Because no one, NO ONE, should be made to feel insignificant in any way.

While preparing for this campaign, we quickly realized how many women were affected by this or can relate to this. After an honest discussion with several key people in this community, it was instantly recognized that domestic violence and abuse does NOT just have a physical outcome. We’ve been in many conversations with women who have suffered from an array of physical, emotional, verbal and even financial abuse that our eyes and hearts opened up to their pain.

 This month, we are supporting both YWCA Canada and Surrey Women’s Centre through partial proceeds of every product purchased in our shop. We want to help create a platform where women would feel comfortable sharing their stories in hopes to help others that may need it. This month, we are taking a stand and sharing that it is NOT OKAY for violence and abuse to happen – to anyone. So here’s what we have planned for the next little bit.

Our first exclusive product is with a natural, organic, and socially conscious makeup line that is good for your skin, planet, and the community! To support YWCA Canada this month, we’ve teamed up with Evelyn Iona to bring you an exclusive TRIO pack of lip glosses that can only be found here at the Fort. This line is beyond amazing. Evelyn Iona offers conscious shoppers professional grade makeup that is made of ingredients you would find in your breakfast! Seriously! If you haven’t checked out this company, you need to hop over right now to see what all the fuss is about. They have coffee in their mascara and green tea in their primer! That’s as natural as you can get. It’s so good you can actually eat it! But don’t. Seriously. SHOP HERE.

Founder Brandi Leifso and her experience in a women’s shelter inspired this incredible cosmetic line. Her dedication to empower women to feel their best every morning when waking up definitely was a driving force to create the most safest and honest product out there. In addition, it was a passion project to connect women through the use of an every day product; a product that continues to give back and empower other women every time it’s used.

So here we are. Standing up to domestic violence and abuse through the purchase of these insanely awesome lip glosses. $1 from every lip gloss sold is donated to YWCA Canada to strengthen women and empower girls for a safe and equal future. Now, that’s the power of make up. Made by women, for women, in support of women. Everywhere.

Click here to view their full story and how this amazing company came to be.


Stay tuned for our next exclusive product coming up next week.


(all photos courtesy of Evelyn Iona)