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This week's Mama Diary entry features Melissa Keen of KeenMommy.Com. This is a mama who has battled thyroid cancer... not just once, not twice, but FOUR frickin times. She has been open about her journey through her blogs in hopes to encourage others who may be fighting a similar battle. Talk about resiliency! But this time... she's written something so personal and perhaps revolutionary in her own journey. Melissa, you are an incredible person, a strong fighter, and amazing mother. Thank you for sharing your diary. And although you've written something so pure and raw here, something you've only thought of in your head but never had the courage to voice it out loud, at this moment you have provided the universe with more positivity in hopes that someone, somewhere can grab a hold. So thank you for your story.


"Dear Melissa,

You are a force to be reckoned with….

You’ve withstood the power of thyroid cancer four times and though you’ve been scarred, you have come out on top. Over the last 10 years, your body decided that it would take turns in ways that you could’ve never imagined in your life. In many ways, it would feel ravaged by the radioactivity that ran through it. The days when you felt like your body was so swollen and your words you spoke from your lips often took what seemed like hours to catch up with your brain. While you faced these challenges, I know that you were scared. The unknown was a dark place for you during those times. Please know that while those scary moments, did bring you down to your most depressing times, they too in fact included some of the most beautiful moments. The moments when you came out of isolation and were reunited with your children, the moment when your taste buds finally were able to process the sweet, the sour, the savory of the foods you consumed, and most of all the moments when your bloodwork and ultrasounds showed no evidence of cancer. Those dear one were the best of the best.

It wasn’t easy at all. And it continues to challenge you.

Life is nowhere close to those picture perfect lives you see in social media. Life is raw and real and you are a true representation of that. Love, you are a strong mama. You’ve dug deep and found thy strength.

I know sometimes you can’t help but wonder why… why has cancer come around four times in your lifetime? And the truth of the matter is, you’re one of the chosen. You have been chosen to be a living example of what a survivor truly is. Each and every day that has passed over the last ten years there have been gifts that the universe has been waiting to be present to you. In the thick of the sadness, it was hard to see through the fog and truly appreciate what those gifts were. Not a single thing mattered in the midst of that sadness, but today, the universe now has gifted you with resilience and strength that not even the most powerful superhero could behold. The gift of patience has allowed you to not only trust in your body’s ability to heal itself, but also its ability to withstand radioactive material and cancerous cells that invaded your lymph nodes. If you’ve ever wondered why you have the life you have, it’s because you my friend were meant to spread your story. There are many women and men out there who have been touched by cancer and in sharing your journey with them; you too can be a root of strength, treelike to help support those who are looking to feel grounded in their own journeys.

Life hasn’t stopped. It has just begun.

Dear self, you now have the power to re-write your story. You are in control and no one can take that away from you. It’s time to dismiss the expected, the structure, and daily doses of reminders that fall into your head of the pressures to be perfect, because I hope that you know how proud of you I am, and I truly believe you are the most imperfect of them all. You have been through so much in your lifetime. The shivers you feel running through your spine and the goosebumps that you feel are the vibrations of the world that is waiting for you to explode in love and rebirth personified. Believe that every cell of your body is healthy. You behold a love that is greater than the universe. Your beautiful family is the roots that will hold you grounded to the earth when you feel weak and alone. In the world that is full of turmoil and stresses, know that you are loved. You are joy and your journey is a beautiful reminder of what lies ahead. You have so much to give to the community around you and know that the community is waiting to rejoice in your courage and strength that has helped you conquer cancer. Now is the time Melissa, to let go of the guilt, the pain, the fear and the sadness. You are worth every breath that you take and every step forward is one in the right direction. Melissa, the power of prayer, and loving yourself will see you through the darkest of moments that you experience. Thy strength will see you through dear one, because you are life, you are fierce and worth it.

Love your greatest supporter,


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