Nothing's Impossible.

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Nothing is impossible. The word itself says ‘I’m possible!’  -- Audrey Hepburn

For the month of February, we’ve created a unique design to help raise funds for BC Women’s Newborn ICU. Inspired by Audrey Hepburn’s “I’m Possible” quote, this design is dedicated to the little ones who have fought so hard to beat the odds to make it.


Screen-printed on 100% cotton, these soft and durable one-pieces are a perfect reminder of how precious life really is. Teaming up with Sarah from Numpfer we have put together the Newborn Package that includes our #iAMpossible one-piece and two multi-use organic bamboo bibs.

With Mother's Day coming up, our thoughts go out to those who are new moms, experienced moms, and moms who couldn't be moms. There's nothing stronger than connecting women through the experience of motherhood. The empathy we share for one another when our little ones are struggling, hurt, or in pain is unreal. Sometimes, nothing needs to be said as love and support is often felt through kind gestures of hope. So this is why we've put our heart and soul into a design that we hope can inspire, uplift, and celebrate the little ones that are possible, despite whatever challenges they face. 

This year, rather than dedicating just one month to BC Women’s Newborn ICU, the one-piece and the Newborn Package will be on sale through Modern Fort for the rest of the year, with partial proceeds from every sale going back to supporting the most vulnerable of babies. Come join the fort and help us create change for a beautiful generation to come.

#hopestartshere #iAMpossible

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