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Hi! Thanks for stopping by. Here's the skinny. In Vancouver, we have a lot of diversity, a lot of character, and a LOT of personalities. However, what most of us have in common is the drive to be better. A better person, a better neighbour, a better version of ourselves. We are a young and vibrant city and we are passionate about what we love. The problem sometimes is that we often forget about our past because we're so worried about the future. Let's face it - that's human nature. 

At Modern Fort, our goal is really to encourage young professionals to step up as modern change agents, to connect with our neighbours on a deeper level, and to do good where we live. We're here to promote positive social change as individuals, and as a group. We want to help sow the seed to brilliant ideas that can potentially change the world and we want to encourage you to NEVER forget where you came from. Be grateful. Be kind. Be smart.



                                                                                                                                               - Mumford and Sons

One way to promote change is to be it. As you know, every month, we are dedicated to supporting a local organization that aims to increase the social-emotional and mental well-being of children and adolescents. Let's face it. They are the world's most natural resources. If we don't create more awareness to help build a stronger, braver, kinder generation, the world as we know it, is over. Ok - maybe not over. But definitely less pretty.

That's why we started what we started. We've created an online design boutique where partial proceeds of each product sold will go back to the community. BOOM. Just like that. Oh wait, but there's more. We're also creating a platform where young, intelligent minds can connect and collaborate on real social issues. When you purchase something from the Modern Fort, it's not just a shirt... it's a shirt that was uniquely designed and created to help target a specific cause to generate a discussion worth talking about. The deeper the conversations, the more substantial the change. We're not saying we don't enjoy a good catch up of some celebrity relationship over coffee. We're saying the more we engage in shared experiences and knowledge, the more creative and positive the mind becomes. That's the beauty of human behaviour. It's science.  

So, we're calling all young professionals, modern parents, and urban trendsetters to join the mission. Let's get social. Let's begin change.    

Thank you to those that have already showered us with love, but most importantly, thank you for spreading the word. The more people we reach, the more we can do for our local and global communities. 

And... cue Alicia Keys "We are here."

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