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                                                                                             - Kelly Schmidt, Founder | Arrow House Design Studio


When we started Modern Fort, we wanted to help build a generation of modern change agents; to encourage like-minded individuals to become involved in important community causes/projects; and to create a social collective that would unite, inform, and inspire. We are more than honoured to collaborate with Arrow House and The Cancer Store to bring you just that. It is amazing to see the overwhelming love of individuals from all over the world supporting this campaign. A campaign that aims to help an individual or family who has either been recently diagnosed or currently undergoing treatment for cancer. There are incredible organizations out there that continues to raise money for research and awareness - and that is so great - but we're here to help on a more personal level. 

So let's share a little bit about where your money is going. When you purchase one of our 'One More Day' shirts, you are directly helping an individual, or family, create more memories despite the challenges they're facing. This could mean helping them with alternative treatments or therapies that may help make this journey a little easier. Partial proceeds from ALL purchases made this month will go towards this campaign.

We are also happy to introduce to you the first of our video series for this month's campaign. You will hear personal stories of individuals in the community sharing their experience with cancer and what 'One More Day' means to them. You'll find that many of these stories are of young people, young professionals, with young families. Our goal is to also bring awareness to how early intervention and awareness can save lives. Being checked early when possible can and will decrease the number of young adults succumbing to this disease.

We are here to encourage your involvement in helping your community, your neighbour, your friend. Do this by buying a shirt. Do this by sharing the video. Do this by listening to your body and getting checked. Do this by understanding the emotional, mental, and financial strains of cancer, that one may be going through.

If you know of anyone who has been affected by cancer, we encourage you to download a nomination form and tell us why that individual or family could benefit from a little help around this time of the year. Email all forms back to by Nov. 30th. Selected nominees will be announced between December 15th and 19th.

Your efforts won't be lost.

We will continue to inform our followers of the good deed you have all contributed to by broadcasting our acts of kindness to these individuals and their families. 

For now, we'd like to introduce to you two incredible individuals who have stared cancer in the face, and fought hard to stand tall. They are the driving forces behind this campaign and together, with all their hearts, hope to inspire and encourage others of this generation to live... for one more day. 

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