One More Day with Jaylee

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                                                                                             - Kelly Schmidt, Founder | Arrow House Design Studio


As promised, the video series for the One More Day Campaign is continuing and we are happy and proud to share our second video featuring local entrepreneur, Jaylee Thomas Nickel. Jaylee is a colon cancer survivor, and was very honest in sharing her story of struggling with nerve damage post chemo treatment. While this video takes a slightly different journey than our first video with Kelly and Darren, it is the same journey of battling cancer nonetheless.

With the launch of the campaign, the #onemoreday shirts have been in high demand and we are currently in the process of restocking our shop. Shirts will continue to be available through our online shop, as well as various local pop up shops we'll be showcasing and participating around in the city. The support has been incredibly heartfelt throughout this campaign, and from everyone at Modern Fort we would like to say a sincere "thank you" to each person who have bought a shirt, "liked" an Instagram post, or shared our blog via social media. It is with the kindness of your hearts that we keep doing what we do, to spread love and light to those who need it the most right now. 

Stay tuned to see where the money from the campaign will go to, and who it will directly impact. We're sure you're going to enjoy seeing the rewards of your social spending with purchases made through our shop and how it is impacting the local community. But for now, enjoy Jaylee's story, share it amongst your friends, and thank you for watching. We'll be releasing another video before the holidays so be sure to check back for that as well. Stay warm friends, and don't forget to check out our friends Arrow House and The Cancer Store to see what good they are up to this holiday season. 


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