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As we're in the final stages of completing our video from the "OMD Random Acts of Kindness" Day, we wanted to share with you something special from one of the families we surprised. Because of your support, your purchase, your kind words... we were able to surprise two incredible families right before Christmas with gifts that completely lifted their spirits during some difficult times. 

We may not be able to type out the exact feelings and emotions that were felt that day, but please know that your contribution, in various ways, have tremendously transformed these families.

Kelly, founder of Arrow House Design Studio, and I cannot thank you all enough for the love you've shown. The support was overwhelming and it continues to grow. When Kelly and I started this campaign, we promised that every money raised would go towards helping families directly and on a personal level. Why? Because when you're going through something life-threatening and you don't know what your tomorrow holds, the only thing you want and need at the moment is more time with the ones you love. So when strangers come to your door to surprise you with some love to encourage you to keep cherishing those moments, as well as to create new ones, it'll create a surge of positivity that money just can't buy. We're not saying our shirts cure cancer, but we are saying they help provide a little love to those who are truly holding on to the "todays" for at least one more day.  


Below is the exact email from one family that was nominated during our campaign and who had received one of our community love package. So take a moment to read on and thank you again for your unwavering support. xx


"To all those that are a part of the "One More Day" campaign:

Thank you to the wonderful women, Joanne and Kelly, who run the "One More Day" campaign and all the of the community that contributed to this! You all work so hard and generously to help those fighting cancer and we are so grateful. Thank you to all the vendors who contributed to the amazing care package! So many helpful and thoughtful items were given to our family and it meant so much to have the help especially during this difficult time of emotional and financial strain. This campaign has helped alleviate the stress and anxiety involved in both.

To give background on our story, we had our baby girl, Harper, April 2014 and shortly after, at the end of July 2014, our three year old son Griffin was diagnosed with autism. Just as we were dealing with our son's diagnosis, my husband, Derek, was unexpectedly diagnosed with a Grade 4 Glioblastoma Multiforme brain tumour in September 2014. Within a short period Derek had brain surgery and then began aggressive chemotherapy and radiaton for six weeks and had a four month break through December 2014. He started his six months of chemotherapy on January 7, 2015. Derek is in the fight of his life. During this time my son has also started an intensive in-home autism therapy program four days a week for two hours a day. It is unbelievable to think of all that has happened to our little family in such a short period of time. We are trying our best to do what we can to move forward and fight - fight Derek's cancer and do whatever we can to help our son. We just try to take things day by day.

When Joanne and Kelly arrived at our door to surprise Derek, the moment I opened the door I felt the warmth and genuine care. It was as if I was seeing old friends I had known forever. They came in and surprised Derek and surprised he was! As soon as Kelly started talking to Derek about her experience with a brain tumour, having two small children and how cancer has affected her family, I saw Derek release some of the stress and anxiety he has been carrying. It was such a deep and emotional talk. Derek expressed emotion I had not seen before and he was able to release so much of what he had been keeping to himself because he instantly felt the connection and understanding between Kelly, Joanne and himself. Joanne spoke about her own experience with cancer and how it has affected people in her family.  We also spoke of our son's autism and were given hope for Griffin's future and for all he is capable of. Talking to these two women gave us a sense of relief, calm, understanding, and love. It made us feel as if we were not alone during this difficult time. What an amazing thing to experience especially right before the holidays. 

This visit for us as a family, was truly life-changing. I cannot express enough how special this was. During the holidays Derek told everyone about it and each time he was teary-eyed and spoke of how much it meant to him. It was such a special day and then to receive the care package with so many supportive and useful items was absolutely wonderful and helped us so much!   

To everyone who is a part of this remarkable campaign we cannot thank you enough! Please know what you are doing is life-changing for families like ours. It is something we will never forget and will always look back on with so much appreciation. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

All our love and gratitude,

Susan, Derek, Griffin, & Harper XOXO"

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