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May was an incredible month to acknowledge women of great strength and beauty. Mothers. Mothers of all kinds. The unsung heroes. We respect what they do and what they stand for. To be able to compromise and sacrifice their bodies for a child, whether it is to full term of not, a mother can bear it all - and sometimes in silence, but with a heart full of love. Together with Kara Yoo, from Kara Yoo Jewelry, the Unity Collection was designed and created to help define a mother's strength and worth. Partial proceeds from each piece that was bought went directly to creating a unique community care package for some deserving moms. In the end, two amazing moms were chosen as recipients of our random acts of kindness. 

Photo courtesy of Old Joy Gift Boxes   

These community care packages were carefully curated to truly provide some emotional strength to two very deserving moms. A huge thank you to Kimberly Gladman of She Is Clothing, Tamara Komuniecki of the Delish General Store, Melissa Mills of Old Joy Gift Boxes, and the ladies at Trinity Salon and Spa. These local women in business came together and selflessly contributed to giving back to the community. It is simply heart-warming to see women supporting women in such a personal way. 

On Thursday, June 11th, two moms received a surprise that they never expected. 

The first mom we visited was nominated several times by the community. She is a strong, beautiful woman to three gorgeous daughters. "From running a single parent household, home schooling her children, supporting her daughter with autism, and loving the children in her home daycare, this woman is always present and gives her full attention to her little ones at all times. As a fierce advocate for those she loves, as well as those beyond her reach, she pushes through adversity time and time again to ensure her family and community is cared for." There were many families that have been inspired by her and we couldn't be more thrilled to surprise her with a care package including a $150 grocery gift card to help with some newborn essentials. 

"Thank you to everyone from the bottom of my heart. I am so very appreciative of this generosity."

- Tanya Dawson      


The second mom we surprised also received more than one nomination. This kindergarten teacher recently lost her 11 month old son to SIDS. "With the most amazing grace, strength and love she grieved the loss of her son and helped her oldest son through his loss. She is one of my biggest Mama inspirations. Her journey over the last year has been long and hard and she has just been so amazing through it all." It was clear that this mama demonstrated strength, beauty, and compassion despite her adversities. For that reason, we decided to surprise her with a community care package including a spa package for her and her mother.


 "Thank you so much for my amazing gift basket yesterday. I am still so emotional! It has been the worst year of my life but through it all I've had the most amazing support. Without it I don't think I would be here. Everyone has helped in different ways. It means a lot to me that total strangers would be so loving and supportive. I can't even put into words what yesterday meant. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!"

- Carrie Durken            


Congratulations to both our recipients of our #StrongMomsMFxKY campaign and an enormous THANK YOU to everyone who supported our May campaign through purchases, nominations, and/or sharing your stories online. 



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