One More Day Campaign 2017

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This is the first time we are starting the new year off with our OMD campaign, and it’s a wonderful feeling.

This whole campaign began just over two years ago when I sat down with Kelly Schmidt (founder of Arrow House Style Studio, formally known as Arrow House Design Studio). Having both being impacted heavily by cancer, we knew we wanted to create a community of support to those going through it - we just needed a way to do so.

When Kelly was battling an aggressive brain tumour, the first time around, she knew she had to fight. With all her might, she had to fight. Not just for herself, but for her loves. Her husband. Her two boys. And during one of the most difficult times of her life, she created a quote that is now the life line of our campaign.

“Each day all I
Need is you and
One More Day”

So with that, we created the One More Day campaign. Every year we design an OMD shirt to raise money to conduct random acts of kindness to individuals and families battling the effects of cancer. The first year we surprised three families with community care packages worth nearly $1000 each just before Christmas (click here for video). Last year we surprised three families with a long table dinner, an afternoon of events, and some incredible care packages (click here for video). This year, we are dedicating our campaign to mothers currently battling cancer. We want to show support to all moms out there who are fighting so hard for their lives just so they could have one more day with their babies.

With the help of Mama Mondays at the Juice Truck and Desiree Cluff of Rockababy, Kelly and I are excited to start this campaign in hopes to bring the much needed attention regarding women’s physical and mental well-being – especially moms. As mothers, we often put our needs and self-care last. In doing so, this creates major risk factors in all aspects of our health. Our One More Day campaign and Mama Diaries this month will be focusing on every day moms sharing every day challenges when being faced with cancer. We hope you’ll join along this journey and support the OMD campaign by purchasing a shirt.

See more of our OMD campaign this month through our Instagram feed: @themodernfort


To view Kelly's original story that started our One More Day Campaign, click here




This year’s OMD fleece pullover has been uniquely designed by the talented Jessica Boffo of Kardz Kouture.

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