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A Surprise Long Table Dinner for Families Battling the Effects of Cancer (VIDEO)


I remember meeting Kelly for the first time at a coffee shop to discuss ideas of how we can give back to the cancer community. We knew we wanted to do something special for families battling the effects of cancer, but we also wanted to do something different. As young moms, we recognized the need to support young families, new moms, new dads in this fight that so often depletes a family’s resources and spirit. We, being personally affected by cancer, wanted to give the emotional support to others in a way that would let them know, “Hey, we’ve been through your shoes. We know the pain. The struggles. The doubt. But, we’re here to stand by you. We’re here with an army of people who believe in your fight.”

"This isn't about cancer. Heck, we could care less about this thing called cancer [...] We want people to recognize the person that cancer has invaded."


So how do we show a person who is fighting for their life that we care? Well, we start by rallying like-minded individuals who are committed to doing something special and kind to others… just because. We involve the community in understanding that this isn’t about cancer. Heck, we could care less about this thing called cancer that thinks it’s the ruler of all that is good and pure. We want people to recognize the person that cancer has invaded. Yes – invaded; temporarily made a home in hopes to conquer the naturalness that is us. We wanted people to give back to those affected by cancer who have impacted other’s lives through the light they’ve shined. We want to support, encourage, and celebrate the person who is currently fighting the biggest fight of their life so that others may see how cancer CANNOT change the inner fire. This in turn will hopefully lead the person to feel the same thing. That they are worth fighting for.



As some of you may know, the co-creator of the One More Day Campaign, Kelly Schmidt, began her second fight with cancer exactly one year ago. I remember the call so vividly. We both cried on the phone. Asked stupid questions we knew we couldn’t answer right away. And then paused. Both not really knowing what to say. Then Kelly bursts out laughing saying, “Well, here we go again…” – and from then on I knew she wasn’t going to let this get to her. She’s a mama bear so instinctively she is capable of killing anything that gets in her way of being with her family. Kelly is a wonderful soul. I know many people can attest to this. She is honest, real, and so ridiculously beautiful inside and out. There was no way that I would ever let her back out of doing another year of “One More Day” – not even with cancer.



So here we go… November 2015 – another year of One More Day. This time more than ever, this campaign was going to be dedicated to families who needed a personal pick me up. We didn’t know what we were going to do… but we knew we were going to do it. Having Kelly go through cancer during the campaign only made this so much more real. And this year, everything we did – we were thinking of her, fighting for her, and loving her. If Kelly could do something for a family… what would it be? Well, I’m certain it would be to invite you over for a dinner and to simply spend time with one another, get to know each other, and share one more day with each other. So that's what we did. We surprised three families with a long table family styled dinner, just to show them that there is a community out there who cares. 



Special thanks to all our sponsors and a huge THANK YOU to everyone who purchased a shirt or left comments of encouragement. We couldn't have done this without you. 


(all images courtesy of Kyrani Kanavaros of Klik Photographic)



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