About Us

We're an online shop that gives back. We create + collaborate with other shops to give you exclusivity to products you won't find anywhere else. Every product in the shop goes back to a community cause. Now that's guilt-free shopping.


We like to think of ourselves as social entrepreneurs. Modern Fort is built on the premise that a new era of change agents are emerging. People helping people, humanity striving for equality and acceptance, and anyone who really wants to... can make a difference.

Our goal at Modern Fort is to create products that can contribute to real change in the community. We want to help build social awareness through design and continue to fund projects that supports an individual's social, emotional, and mental well-being. And most importantly, help rediscover their self worth.

Each month, we will run a campaign and feature an organization, or project, that has been making an immense difference in the community. We will shed light on their cause and share their incredible story. As a token of gratitude, products purchased during the campaign will help raise funds and awareness towards the featured cause for the month. You can count that these goods will do good.

Our support is geared towards moms and moms-to-be. Why? Well, if you take care of the women in the village, the village will be taken care of. As moms, we go through many changes after giving birth. Physical, mental, and emotional changes. It effects the way we do our daily things. It effects the way we interact with our children. It effects our relationship with our partners. It effects everything. 

So here's a platform where we can provide support to one another. Our shop is geared towards childrens' apparel and decor because... well, let's face it. As moms we tend to buy things for our children more than ourselves. #truth. Using this opportunity to grow our reach to mothers of all kinds, we also want to create a series where moms can come and be supported through this world of social media. 

Each month we'll touch on a topic that addresses the challenges of being a mom. We'll have guest bloggers and speakers on our live chats. It's one way we can help strengthen the village. Strengthen the fort. We hope you'll join along. 

Take care of the mother. Take care of her physically, mentally, and emotionally... and her children will see her for the light she is. 

We hope you like what's in our shop and continue to support organizations that are doing amazing things for women and children everywhere.


Joanne Ma | Owner and Creator



Thanks everyone for stopping by. This all started as a passion project and creative outlet where I was able to design, collaborate, and create products that would help start conversations that matter. My background is in behavioural sciences and have worked with families living with autism and other developmental disabilities for the past 12 years. Recently I had to take a leave from my practice to stay home with my daughter. Never in a million years would I think I’d be a stay at home mom. But my daughter’s needs superseded everything and anything I had planned for myself in the world of behaviour analysis. Having said that, it was the scariest and most uncomfortable decision I have ever made in my life. A life I had set my educational and professional career on. Leaving that all behind to stay at home was a very difficult decision. But a necessary one.

As I struggled with this phase in my life, I wanted to continue to make a difference in the lives of others, especially with mothers and children. I truly believe moms have a unique connection with their children that will ultimately foster prosocial behaviours with every interaction. From playing, to feeding, to styling and living, creating opportunities to teach kindness and appropriate social behaviour can be done to help this generation of modern change agents become kinder, stronger, and braver. So these products aren’t simply products you buy (which you can do), but the goal is to help start a dialogue with whomever you interact with, even your children, about why it’s important to be kind to others.

My hope is to create and collaborate with small businesses to change how we shop as individuals – by becoming more socially conscious of what we can do with products we buy and what it stands for. Each product is uniquely designed and created to support a community cause that’s worth talking about. Hopefully with these products, you are able to share your experience, connect and/or obtain a better understanding of the cause. Raising awareness for the betterment of human kind is important, but starting conversations that will help connect and heal a person’s mind, heart, and soul is what we’re aiming to do.

So let’s connect.

Thanks for reading and feel free to reach out at any time if you have any questions or comments.

- Joanne, xx