Community Cause: One More Day 2017 Mama Retreat [Video]


On June 11th, we hosted a private Mama Retreat for some moms currently battling the effects of cancer in our community. Most were nominated by their daughters, some by their best friends, and a few by complete strangers. What a group of warrior women. As mothers, we often take care of our family before we even think about ourselves. It’s a natural thing to put others first – especially our children. So if and when a devastating, crippling, heart wrenching disease comes and invades your body, it prevents you from doing the things you love with the people you love. It strips you from who you are and demands you to be someone less. But what cancer doesn’t realize is that it actually makes people stronger - stronger than they could ever imagine. And it makes those around cancer, stronger. And it even makes a community stronger.

So, to honour some of the strongest moms we know, we decided to dedicate this year’s OMD campaign to moms as a thank you for being pillars in the family and in the community. Thank to everyone who nominated a mom, it’s been a pleasure connecting with you all.

Without further ado, check out our video that captured One More Day of our Mama Retreat.


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