Shopping online can be confusing. So we're here to help answer any questions you may have. If your question still hasn't been answered, feel free to directly email us at


1. How much is actually going towards the campaign each month?

We are committed to donating 10% of every item sold towards the featured campaign, at the end of the month. Since we have a variety of items in the shop, the dollar amount will vary depending on the product(s) purchased. Our hope is to also collaborate with other small businesses in hopes that the more we gather small shops for a good cause, the more we can contribute to the pot. Think of it as a platform we're providing. We set up the cause and the campaign, others are invited to join, and then as a collective we make the magic happen together. In addition, we also want to inform you of how your money is being used after the campaign has completed. You do want to know, right? This means we'll continue to provide updated information through our various social media platforms, videos and blogs to ensure you see the efforts of your contributions. So please follow us on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to get your most updated information.  


2.  Who/what does the money go towards?

Every month, we will collaborate with a community project/cause that is currently helping individuals with their social/emotional and mental well-being. Most of these will provide financial and emotional aide to those in need, on a personal level. Once a project/cause is chosen, we will announce that in our "Community Cause" page. This page will give you all the information you need to know about the featured campaign of the month. We want to emphasize that as much as we appreciate RESEARCH and DEVELOPMENT/AWARENESS in various projects, our goal is to directly provide support to individuals/families on a personal level through random acts of kindness.


3. If I choose the FREE-PICK UP LOCATION, where is this exactly?

Currently, Modern Fort is an online boutique. We do not have a storefront and do most of our orders online. Should you choose to pick up to save on shipping, we will contact you via email when and where pick up will occur. We have been fortunate to have Threads Fashion Alterations, in Vancouver, offer their alteration shop as a pick-up location for our locals in the area. PLEASE do not contact Threads for information regarding any of our campaigns or products. They are there as a kind Samaritan offering a location for you lovely locals to avoid shipping prices. Again, if you choose the FREE-PICK UP, please wait for a confirmation email on when your product will be available for pick up or contact us at for any pick-up inquires.


4. How can I get involved and help?

Well, we're so glad you asked! Every month we try and do a social pop-up event. This is an opportunity to involve young professionals to gather and discuss what we can do to help make the world better. We will also have our products there for sale as we know most people enjoy the in-person shopping experience. Involve yourself by coming out to our social events, encourage your friends to shop for a cause, and reach out to like-minded individuals who also want to make a difference in the community. If there is a campaign that speaks to you and you are more than available to help, I'd encourage you to contact us as we can always use modern change agents like you to help execute random acts of kindness in the community as well.