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We’ve Rebranded!

The evolution of Modern Fort has begun. From kids apparel to kids interior spaces, we at Modern Fort continue to have one goal: to foster positive social interactions within our communities; and to do that, we need to start in our home.

We're a different kind of interior design company. We believe that the environment shapes our behaviours. How we act, behave, process, learn, and develop has a direct link to our environment. It's science. So as we focus on the individual family system and how a child develops, we can create and design a functional space that promotes a positive parent-child dyad. The design of a room - a child's play space if you will - is imperative for his/her development. The objective is to create an enriching space for children without compromising the style of the parents. It's a tricky task but very doable.

The values of Modern Fort remains the same. We care for the individual. We care for the family. We care for the community. We are a people business and that will always remain a priority. Our individualized designs are based specifically on the family's needs. We work to help improve the environment where you spend most of your time with your child(ren). Functional designs are vital to the growth and development of a family - mentally, socially, emotionally, and we are determined to help strengthen that.

Follow along through our blog series to know a little bit more of just what we do.

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